Is carpooling safe in India

In the recent years, Carpooling in India is growing by an insane rate. Stuff like Carpool Karaoke have made ridesharing a trend in major cities of India. Daily commuters and travellers now depend on Carpooling apps in India to save money and reduce traffic. However, given the high crime rates, one concern remains. How safe is Carpooling in a country like India?
Statistics show that Crime rate in India is 44.79 (Moderate). Most of the Indians who commute or travel daily are employees who travel late at night. And many of them are women. The crime rate at late night increases to 51.37. This is why the concern for the safety and security regarding carpooling arises.

Carpooling in India is grwowing, in cities like dalhi, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, chennai and banglore carpooling apps like AONE are used

Commuting with Strangers

Although some people usually commute or travel with people they know, for example, friends or co workers, there are many scenarios where they have to travel with strangers. In a country like India, there are many who hesitate when they have to to share rides with strangers, not only while carpooling, but in the case of public transport too.
However, good carpooling apps in India, like AONE provide you with numerous services that helps you ride safely.

Carpooling with strangers is a debate of safety in India

Features that make Carpooling Apps safer

Carpooling in India requires a good set of safety features to make carpooling safe. Major carpooling and ridesharing apps for example, AONE have taken steps to make carpooling safe in India, for everyone in India. We discussed some features of ridesharing apps previously. The safety based features are mentioned below.

User Verification

The people signing up at carpooling and ridesharing apps are first asked to verify basic details, such as, Phone Number, Email Address, and Organization where they work. Applications do this by sending an OTP to the users mobile, sending verification Email, or verification from the organization, respectively. These steps keep track of customer data, and helps filter out unverified and unsafe riders.

Carpooling apps provide safety in India by many deatures
Ride and Match Filtering

This feature helps you control who they get matched or ride with. Options such as matching with the same gender, or with known users, or verified users help keep your rides safe, and make carpooling in India safer.

Emergency Alert

The feature of Emergency Alert is a game changer for making rides safe for carpooling in India. Whenever the user gets deviated from the original route for a reasonable distance, the emergency alert in the app gets triggered. It sends a notification to a list of emergency contacts that the user has to select. It gives live location updates for easy tracking.

Blocking and Reporting Users

If a rider did not feel comfortable to ride with another passenger, they have the option to block or report them. From there on, our team takes action to suspend them from any further ridesharing service. This allows to filter out anyone who could be a threat to our users.

Carpooling in India is safe, due to apps like AONE nextgen ridesharing

Safety tips for Users

Apart from all the features available on Carpooling and ridesharing apps in India, there are a few steps you could take to make your rides safe. Because, it does not cost much to be extra precautious.

Communicate to know your ride sharers

Good communication is the key to everything. And in this case, could help you establish a good relationship with those you share rides with. It could help you determine if the ride sharers are safe to travel with or not. So don’t hesitate from communicating with your ride sharers, because your safety is important.

Safety tip for carpooling, communicate effectively
Respect people and Avoid Conflict

It’s better not to indulge in any conflict with the people you share rides with, treat them politely and with respect. This could help you avoid getting in trouble for no reason. Plus, these riders could give you low ratings or block you, that could get your account suspended.

Notify your peers with ride details

It could be a friend, or a family member, or anyone else you know. Its better to give them the ride details such as when you start ridesharing, name of the other passengers, the vehicle’s registration number etc. This could help them reach out to you in emergencies.

safety tip for carpooling, inform peers and friends with ride details

Until now, there have not been any cases where the ride poolers were put into dangerous threats. Thanks to the precautions taken by carpooling and ridesharing application. Although, the rides could be safer if both, the carpooling apps and user put in their best efforts to keep carpooling safe in India.

Efforts by AONE to make your rides safer

AONE Carpool App is one of the best carpooling apps in India, and it is our responsibility to take every step that makes your rides safer, and keeps you from harm. We have provided safe rides to more than 30,000 users across all major cities, and you could help us keep moving ahead. If you have any suggestions regarding safety features, feel free to comment below, so we could take it further. And if you haven’t tried us out, why not give it a shot? AONE Carpool App is available on playstore, download it for free.

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