Carpooling in India

Last updated on June 10th, 2019

Commuting from one place to another had become cumbersome in heavy congested traffic. People often use public transport facilities and other cab services as a means of transport but due to high population these public transport facilities are devoid of comfort and cab services are surge in prices that are unable to bare.

We the Aone a Next gen ride sharing provide a platform to make your daily commute easy and convenient with hassle free experience. Considering the traffic congestion, air pollution, exploitation of fuels, Aone is established for carpooling which is car sharing or ride sharing so that each one need not use a different vehicle. One can easily and comfortably commute with no stress of driving and less traveling prices, as the cost is shared among the commuters, also it will make sure that full seating capacity of the car is fully utilised and reduces the need for parking places.

Aone provides both regular and casual carpools, regular carpools are on daily or weekly repeated schedule for commuters who live nearby and travel to same locality of work place. Casual carpools (carpools at specific date) for week-ends, exceptional trips, vacations etc, which are on a need basis.

  • Exciting referral offers and scratch cards.
  • Use a “Quick Book” functionality and book in a single go.
  • Book in advance. Reach to your pickup point and track the vehicle in real-time.
  • Consult the rider/ride-offerer with call or chat support.
  • Notify the rider through ‘ride notes’ option regarding the change of plan.
  • Can also get bike-pooling along with carpooling.
  • Can avail ‘Perfect end to end travel’ or enroute travels.
  • Can choose different routes of travel on maps based on requirement.
  • Safety is our first priority. Press "Emergency Alert" button in-case you face an issue while travelling in a vehicle.
  • Pay using Payumoney gateway and choose a wide range of Payment options like a Debit card, Credit card, Netbanking,and other Wallets etc.
  • Call us anytime between 7AM - 9PM on below contact numbers or chat with us from the Mobile app.