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Carpooling in India

Carpooling in Hyderabad : Eco-Friendly and Pocket-Friendly

Are you are you facing difficulty to commute to office daily. Do you find travelling to your work a difficult and tiresome task?. Do you know Carpooling can be the best way to overcome it? Then you need to know about carpooling.

Carpooling is the easiest way to commute in your daily life. In other languages carpooling is also called a car-sharing, ride-sharing , etc. Carpooling is known as sharing your car journey with another person who is travelling to the same place or same direction. Carpooling has also referred people travelling together in a car. By Carpooling you can start your ride from the place you are present. If you want to experience the carpooling we suggest you download the AONE carpool app, it is one of the leading carpooling apps in Hyderabad.

Those days are gone when we use to get up, read a newspaper and spend time drinking coffee. Nowadays people are in a rush to there work and expect not to be affected by traffic jams and by some traffic issues. But unfortunately, they face problems. This is the time when Carpooling in Hyderabad comes to picture.

Carpooling is a solution to employees in Tech companies for daily commute

Below are some benefits of using carpooling:

1. Save Money : The ride charges starts from Rs. 3.5/km. If you’re a ride giver, you can make upto 10k/month of free fuel.
2. Public Transport Burden : No need to worry about the public transport, Just open the app and you’re good to go.
3. Meet New People : You will be meeting new people those are working in nearby areas, or living near by your societies.
4. Easy Commute : You will be making a easy commute without any hassle. 
5. Flexible Timing : Can be started from anytime office or Home. Just find or office ride in app. thats it.
6. Real-Time Tracking : Track the rider before he reaches to you with an ETA.
7. Cashless Transaction : No need to keep changes. You can recharge and payment will be made once ride is completed. Completely Automated.
8. No worries about the Surge pricing: You will be incurring the same amount everyday without any surge charges.

AONE Carpool App helps save money on daily commute

If you are running a car daily to office or college as a single ride, in a month you can get Rs. 5000 by sharing rides to commute to work or college. Now if you’re using a carpooling strategy, you can save money by sharing your ride with a new person who is travelling or commute to the same place every day or often. Sharing your ride with new people benefits you in sharing the cost of a ride, in this way carpooling helps to save some money at the end of the month by sharing ride with your colleagues and friends. So now give a try to carpooling by AONE carpool app with a cashless transactions. Happy Easy Commuting in Hyderabad!

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Is Carpooling Illegal in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city often referred by the name of Silicon Plateau, known for its huge IT parks is home to most of the IT workers. This city keeps growing and new tech companies keep residing here every year. And with each company, brings a huge number of employees to Bangalore. Due to such high rates of immigration, the city has become too crowded and congested for anyone who lives or visits Bangalore. A report from BBC News states an average person spends 240 in traffic every year. The traffic speed in 2005 was 35km per hour, which increased to 9.2 km per hour by 2014. Which is why it became important to implement the concept of ridesharing so that the traffic in bangalore could be controlled. Although, carpooling and ridesharing apps have contributed in reducing the traffic on the roads, there are a few reasons why people hesitate to use carpooling apps, as they consider it illegal. That’s what we are about to discuss today, if carpooling and ridesharing illegal in Bangalore or not.

Carpooling in banglore is important to reduce traffic, apps like AONE are useful
Traffic in Banglore

Carpooling News that Confused Bangalore

In august 2018, a private car owner was charged for misusing Ridesharing apps to make profit. Due to this, the cops seized his car. This news spread like wildfire on the internet, like on rushlane, and newspapers. The reports stated that carpooling apps could get you arrested, and carpooling apps in banglore could face some constraints.

Banglore Police promotes carpooling in the city, Carpooling in Banglore is not illegal

There was another news regarding the ban of pooling rides in some of the cab service apps by the government of Karnataka. A report from Deccan Herald states that it was because these apps had to follow license rules. These apps could introduce carpooling only if the law backed it.
This confused the people of Bangalore because, as the Police had previously taken the initiative to promote carpooling and ridesharing to reduce traffic in Bangalore. So what caused the police to take such an action? This is what makes people think carpooling is illegal in Bangalore.

Carpooling is legal, Money making isn’t

This is exactly what the Bangalore Police has been trying to convey to you people. There is nothing wrong ridesharing, as long as you don’t break the rules. It is illegal if you do malpractice such as, using Carpooling Apps to make profit and extra money. The purpose of registration does not allow you to use a car, or bike for extra gain or profit. This makes people think carpooling is illegal.
Remember, the purpose of Carpooling and Ridesharing is to cut down on traffic and the money spent on daily travel and Commute. Not profit making. However, there are other benefits of carpooling as we discussed previously.

Carpooling is legal, making profits is not, carpooling in bangalore is not illegal
Carpooling is for saving money, not making profits

How AONE keeps you out of trouble

As you have heard from others, AONE Carpool App is growing in Bangalore, and the other cities in India. Our team has identified how some people could use our app for money making, and we have taken measures to prevent such malpractices from happening. We provide with equal bill splitting so no driver could make personal gains, hence all the users are out of any illegal practices. We provide you with the guarantee of not falling into illegal trouble if you follow the rules, terms and conditions.
If you have not used AONE Carpool App before, download it from Playstore now and enjoy your first ride free with us. And refer your friends and family for other offers, for daily commute and travel.

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