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How Carpooling in Mumbai Rains is helpful

Mumbai is a city of fast paced life, that is referred to as the city that never sleeps. We all like to get out and explore this city, although we have to admit that commuting gets messy when it rains. Whenever the monsoon season hits the city, schools and colleges get shut down and the roads get flooded with water. This does not stop the young working class from doing their jobs, but in times like these, daily office commute get difficult. If you are searching for solutions, then Carpooling in Mumbai Rains could help you travel hassle free and conveniently.

Carpooling helps in Rains in Mumbai for daily Office Commute
Rains in Mumbai cause traffic and make commute difficult

Problems Caused by Rains in Mumbai

During rainy seasons, water clogs on roads, drainage lines overflow and traffic on the roads increases. This year has been no exception as the rainfall breaks the record of 1954 with 921.3 mm rainfall.
Mumbai and Raigad District are on high alert. The IMD and NDMA India have warned about heavy rainfall for the next 48 hours. Every year Mumbai roads are filled with traffic and congestion, that makes daily office commute difficult.

Mumbai rains increase traffic and congestion
Carpooling in Mumbai Rains helps reduce Traffic

How carpooling helps in mumbai rains

We are aware how sharing rides helps in reducing traffic in Mumbai, and other cities in India, as discussed before. But in critical conditions like this, Carpooling Apps in Mumbai could help people get quick rides for daily office commute during rain in Mumbai.

The concept of sharing rides with people travelling through similar routes helps reduce the number of vehicles on roads. The lesser the vehicles, the lesser the traffic in Mumbai. Hence, carpooling in Mumbai Rains is a good way to commute.

Best Carpooling Apps in mumbai like AONE helps reduce traffic during mumbai rains
You could use Carpooling Services in Mumbai for quick and affordable rides

Using Carpooling Apps in Mumbai

Using carpooling Apps in Mumbai is a good way to find quick rides, and commute hassle free daily, especially during rains in Mumbai. There are many mumbaikars that have been Carpooling in Mumbai for daily commute.

This helped in stabilizing the increasing traffic and road congestion. But during rains in mumbai, a higher density of carpoolers is required.

There are many Ridesharing Apps that provide top notch carpooling services in Mumbai. And AONE is one of the best Carpooling Apps in Mumbai, and India.

Carpool Apps like AONE reduce traffic and congestion on roads
Carpooling and Ridesharing helps reduce traffic and congestion on roads

AONE – One of the best Carpooling Apps in Mumbai

A huge number of Carpoolers in Mumbai and from other Indian Cities recognize AONE Carpool App as one of the best Carpooling Apps in Mumbai, and India. AONE Carpool App provides with convenient features like Live Location Tracking, Easy communication with carpoolers, Emergency Button and other high security features. AONE carpool App provides quick rides    and hassle free comfortable daily commute with verified professionals to 30,000+ users across Mumbai and other major cities in India.

Primary features of AONE carpool app:
  1. Commute with Verified Professionals.
  2. Instant Find or Offer Ride in 1 Click and ride with co-commuters for your ridesharing.
  3. Proprietary Ride Matching engine connects you a co-rider in real time.
  4. Safe & Trusted Carpool app by 30k users : Multi layered verification process for a safe rides.
  5. Online Payment by Multiple payment options like Netbanking, Credits/Debit card.
  6. Live Tracking : Track the ride in real time with very much accuracy.
  7. Emergency/ Panic Button : Inform your contacts in 1 click incase of any emergency.
  8. It is Flexible: Reschedule/cancel your ride before your pickup. You can also chat with co-riders.

If the rains in Mumbai have been making your daily commute to the office and home difficult, AONE Carpool app is one of the best solutions for you. Check it out AONE Carpool App on playstore, and get your first Carpool Ride with us FREE.

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Difference between Carpooling and Ridesharing

Carpooling and Ridesharing is the type of commute based practice, where a person who is driving could offer to share the ride with passengers that go the same way. This helps them reimburse fuel costs, and other expenditures. However there are a few factors that show the difference between Carpooling and Ridesharing.

Factors that define carpooling

  • The service of sharing rides is provided by an established and recognized carpool app or organization.
  • All the car poolers save money on fuel costs, tolls etc, but they are not allowed to earn money on it. It is illegal to make profits and gains through ridesharing, as we discussed before.
  • The total bill is split fairly and equally among all the riders of the trip. This helps maintain unbiased payment for daily commuters.
  • All the ride sharers have to follow a list of terms and conditions provided by the  carpooling app or organization. This is to help make rides safe for daily commute in India.
Carpooling in India by AONE Carpool App

In short, if a shared ride does not accommodate the above conditions, it is simply called ridesharing. Here two people are sharing rides for daily commute without any set of terms or rules. Although, the implementation of the conditions mentioned above converts the shared ride to car pooling. This is why the best carpooling apps in India focus on providing these features.
Therefore, the above factors show the difference between Carpooling and Ridesharing.

Why is it important to carpool in India?

Carpooling in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities of India is important for daily commute due to increasing traffic and air pollution. Studies show that Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai rank on the top 10 cities with highest traffic and congestion on roads. India alone emits 6.3% of the global CO2 emissions.
Recently, the Chief Minister of Delhi reinforced the Odd Even Scheme to reduce air pollution in Delhi from 4 November 2019. In times like these, Carpooling apps are the best solution for daily commuters.

Traffic in India, delhi, mumnai, hyderabad, chennai, bangalore
Carpooling and Ridesharing is the solution to Traffic in India

Carpooling in India brings many user benefits too. We know that Carpooling and ridesharing have difference, but provide with numerous benefits. Like it helps cut down on fuel costs, reduces traffic, provides hassle free commute, and makes your daily office commute safer due to its high security features. We had talked about the Benefits of Carpooling in India before.
Carpooling in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and other crowded cities could help commuters have comfortable and hassle free rides for daily office commute.

AONE – One of the best Apps for Carpooling in India

There are a lots of carpooling apps in India. And AONE is one of the few that cares for its users, and strives to provide with better carpooling experience day by day. AONE Carpool App is one of the best carpooling apps in India. It has grown across major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune etc, with 30,000+ users.
AONE keep tracks of the top requirements of daily commuters and tries to fulfill them at any cost. Our top notch features like live tracking, emergency button, quick online payments help you commute without any inconveniences, and make your daily office commute fun through carpooling in India.

If it sounds interesting, you could check out AONE carpool app on playstore, and get your first ride FREE.

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Why use carpool apps in India for daily commute in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Delhi NCR?

Daily Commute is an essential aspect of our daily lives, especially to those who commute from far places and spend more time while commuting to work. In order to have a tireless and comfortable commute, we depend on driving our own vehicles or on public transport services. In India, purchase of cars and bikes has become not only a matter of comfort, but prestige too. Due to increased usage, the traffic and pollution is increasing day by day making an overall increased commute time.

Daily commuting in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore is becoming difficult these times, So what could be the solution to this? Given how important it is for people to travel to the office, what could be done to make office commuting eco friendly and comfortable? This is where carpooling steps into the picture.

What is Carpooling?

Carpooling allows daily commuters to share their ride with those traveling on common routes. As more people start using a single vehicle, instead of travelling separately, carpooling reduces the travel costs like fuel cost, toll fee and, the stress of driving. By sharing rides and reducing the number of vehicles on road, Carpooling reduces air pollution, carbon emissions, traffic and congestion, and parking spaces too. We previously mentioned the Benefits of Carpooling.

Traffic in India, AONE Carpooling App
Traffic and Congestion in India

Benefits of Carpooling for Daily Commuters

Carpooling reduce traffic by sharing empty seats

As more people start using Carpooling apps in Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad, the congestion on roads decreases by 30%. This happens because more people are commuting from home to office in less number of vehicles by sharing seats.

An affordable Quick ride to office

Carpooling Apps reduce the money spent on daily office commute by splitting fares, and making ridesharing affordable for everyone. It also cuts down on money spent on fuel and tolls. Users can save an extra money through offers, cashbacks, coupons and scratch cards.

Tireless and Easy Commuting

Traditional commuting methods like shuttle services and public transport get tiresome and makes us late for work. Although, Ridesharing via Carpooling Apps solves this issue by providing quick rides through real-time tracking, comfortable travel, and saves time on daily commuting.

Less Fuel Consumption

We all know that the number of private vehicles used is directly proportional to the amount of fuel consumed. And if the number of vehicles on road decreases due to carpooling, so does the fuel consumption. This helps preserve fuel and natural resources.

AONE : Technology based best carpool app in India

AONE is a mobile based one of the best carpool app to solve the primary challenges in office commuting by carpooling with verified professionals. AONE app is a ridesharing technology platform, to commute & interact with like minded professionals, expand the social network & make new friends while daily commuting with AONE carpool app. These rides runs from Point-to-Point without taking any zigzag route so you save on time.

Primary features of AONE carpool app:

  1. Commute with Verified Professionals.
  2. Instant Find or Offer Ride in 1 Click and get matched with co-commuters for your ridesharing.
  3. Proprietary Ride Matching engine connects you a co-rider in real time.
  4. Safe & Trusted Carpooling app by 30k users : Multi layered verification process for a safe carpooling.
  5. Online Payment by Multiple payment options like Netbanking, Credits/Debit card.
  6. Live Tracking : Track the ride in real time with very much accuracy.
  7. Emergency/ Panic Button : Inform your contacts in 1 click incase of any emergency.
  8. Flexible: Reschedule/cancel your ride before your pickup. You can also chat with carpool co-riders.

So now why feel frustrated. you can do an easy commute with AONE quick ride carpool app

Using AONE carpool app, you just don’t do a hassle-free daily easy commute but also helps in controlling pollution, traffic congestion & reducing the carbon footprint.

We’re helping in reducing traffic and pollution with the help of our 30k users and working to make it one of the finest carpooling apps in India. Would you like to give a try? Download aone carpooling app today at

Let’s make carpooling a success in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.
You can find ride on 200+routes. some of them are for e.g:

Carpooling in Delhi : Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Dwarka,Pitampura, Iffco chowk,Sector44

Carpooling in Pune : Hinjewadi, Vimannagar, Wagholi, Pimple Saudagar, Aundh, Hadapsar, Magarpatta

Carpooling in Kolkata : Jadavpur, Barasat, Unitech, Sonarpur, Sealdah, Saltlake, Ecospace, BBD bagh, Thakurpukur

Carpooling in Hyderabad : LB Nagar, ECIL, JNTU, Kukatpally, Secunderabad, Uppal, Hitec-city/Gachibowli

Carpooling in Mumbai : Miraroad, Borivali, Vashi, Andheri, Seepz, BKC

Carpooling in Bangalore : Koramangla, Silkboard, Hebbal, KR Puram, Electronic-city, Whitefield, ITPL

You can join the Fastest growing AONE carpool app family for commute! Happy Easy Commuting!

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Carpooling, Ridesharing

AONE Carpool app : Nextgen Ridesharing

India is becoming an IT Hub with more than 50 million working professionals working in multiple industries including IT/ITES, BPO, KPO. According to the reports, there are more than 250+ tech parks spread over in 10 Major metropolitan cities like Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Amhedabad, Kochi, Jaipur. As these tech parks are spread over in every corner of City like in Bangalore there are multiple tech-parks in all different sides of Electronic City, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Embassy Tech Park, Global Village Tech Park, RMZ Infinity. This has caused people to commute from various locations. Employees in metropolitan cities faces a major challenge in daily commuting to  Home-office-home travel. 

How carpooling works?

The idea of carpooling was established in 1914 during recession in San Francisco. This led people to aggregate travelling on a common route so different people from different offices can share a car owned by one of them to get a common destination at a common time, sharing the fuel cost. Slowly there were an evolution of carpooling apps, those made it more convenient using technology.

Why Carpooling in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi NCR ?

Carpooling is a good initiative to reduce the traffic and easing up the way to travel to offices but they are concerns over safety and security as due to sometimes travelling with a stranger. As we shared earlier the benefits of carpooling  it helps in reducing the carbon footprint, pollution level, and traffic on roads with adding a lot of comforts to everyone those are sharing rides with shared economy of fuel.

How a carpool app works ?

  1. Select your pickup & drop-off, see all the offering riders in realtime and request to them.
  2. Once accepted, Track the ride in real-time & board the pooled rider, once arrived
  3. Travel to your office/home comfortably making it an easy commute. Once your carpool trip ride ends, you gains points

What is AONE carpool app ?

AONE is a Nextgen ridesharing & carpool app for daily office commute. You book a quick ride carpool/bikepool for your daily commute in 3 simple steps of selecting your pickup & drop point, choosing the respective ride carpooler & paying online by a cashless payment.

AONE is fastest growing carpool app with over 30k+ users in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Delhi NCR (Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram) & Kochi to find/offer a quick ride.

We at AONE a Next gen ride sharing provide a platform working on making your daily commute easy and convenient with hassle free experience. Considering the traffic congestion, air pollution, exploitation of fuels, AONE is established for carpooling which is car sharing or ride sharing so that each one need not use a different vehicle. One can easily and comfortably commute with no stress of driving and less travelling prices. The cost is shared among the commuters, also it will make sure that full seating capacity of the car is fully utilised and reduces the need for parking places.

AONE provides both regular and casual carpools, regular carpools are on daily or weekly repeated schedule for commuters who live nearby and travel to same locality of work place. Casual carpools (carpools at specific date) for week-ends, exceptional trips, vacations etc, which are on a need basis.

Some of the features of carpooling with “AONE carpool app”

  • Exciting referral offers and scratch cards once your carpooling ride ends.
  • Use a “Quick Book” functionality and book your ride in a single go.
  • You can Book in advance. Reach to your pickup point and track the vehicle in real-time.
  • Consult the rider/ride-offerer with call or chat support.
  • Notify the rider through ‘ride notes’ option regarding the change of plan.
  • Can also get bike-pooling along with carpooling.
  • Avail ‘Perfect end to end travel’ or enroute travels.
  • Can choose different routes of travel on maps based on requirement.
  • Safety is our first priority. Press “Emergency Alert” button in-case you face an issue while travelling in a vehicle.
  • Call us anytime between 7AM – 9PM on below contact numbers or chat with us from the Mobile app.
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Odd Even Scheme in Delhi 2019

Delhi Traffic in Odd-even scheme days, carpooling in delhi ncr
Delhi Traffic in Odd-even scheme days, carpooling in delhi ncr

What is Odd-Even Scheme 

The Odd-Even scheme is an effort to control the pollution level rising in delhi NCR capital by Government. It was introduced first time in 2016 and was a mixed success. As per announcement, odd-numbered vehicles are allowed to run on odd dates. Meanwhile, even-numbered cars could run only on even dates. The CM of Delhi has announced to implement the same this year after Diwali from 4th – 15th Nov 2019.

Previous Implementation in 2016  & 2017

The odd-even scheme has been previously implemented by government earlier in 2016 and in 2017 as well. In 2016, it was enforced twice from Jaunary 1 to 15th and April 15 to 30th. In 2017, it was reintroduced from November 13 to 17. 

How it works:

The Odd-even scheme will be enforced on private cars and two wheelers, whole women drivers and medical emergency services vehicles are exempted from this. The Odd-even plan will not be applicable on weekends as the communication from chief minister’s office.

Why Odd-even scheme is required:

According to several studies, Delhi is the world’s most polluted capital city.  As there are a lot of vehicle and industrial emissions, corp residue in nearby fields, dust from construction sites and smoke due to burning of the garbage. As government is actively working to reduce the pollution level, they have enforced this scheme.

How you can commute in Odd-even days

Due to less number of private vehicles, the tax-cabs will be having a surge pricing so You can use commute to your office using a capooling app. In a carpooling app, you can find and offer ride from carpoolers those are travelling in the same direction as yours so you can reach the office comfortably without any hassle.

AONE carpool app: How it works

AONE is a Nextgen ridesharing & carpool app for daily office commute. You book a carpool/bikepool ride for your daily commute in 3 simple steps of selecting your pickup & drop point, choosing the respective ride carpooler & paying online by a cashless payment.
AONE is fastest growing carpool app with over 30k+ users in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Delhi NCR (Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram) & Kochi to find/offer a quick ride.e

So now when odd-even days comes, use AONE carpool app and travel to your office hassle-free. Happy Easy Commuting!

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Is Carpooling safe in India?

In the recent years, Carpooling in India is growing by an insane rate. Stuff like Carpool Karaoke have made ridesharing a trend in major cities of India. Daily commuters and travellers now depend on Carpooling apps in India to save money and reduce traffic. However, given the high crime rates, one concern remains. How safe is Carpooling in a country like India?
Statistics show that Crime rate in India is 44.79 (Moderate). Most of the Indians who commute or travel daily are employees who travel late at night. And many of them are women. The crime rate at late night increases to 51.37. This is why the concern for the safety and security regarding carpooling arises.

Carpooling in India is grwowing, in cities like dalhi, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, chennai and banglore carpooling apps like AONE are used

Commuting with Strangers

Although some people usually commute or travel with people they know, for example, friends or co workers, there are many scenarios where they have to travel with strangers. In a country like India, there are many who hesitate when they have to to share rides with strangers, not only while carpooling, but in the case of public transport too.
However, good carpooling apps in India, like AONE provide you with numerous services that helps you ride safely.

Carpooling with strangers is a debate of safety in India

Features that make Carpooling Apps safer

Carpooling in India requires a good set of safety features to make carpooling safe. Major carpooling and ridesharing apps for example, AONE have taken steps to make carpooling safe in India, for everyone in India. We discussed some features of ridesharing apps previously. The safety based features are mentioned below.

User Verification

The people signing up at carpooling and ridesharing apps are first asked to verify basic details, such as, Phone Number, Email Address, and Organization where they work. Applications do this by sending an OTP to the users mobile, sending verification Email, or verification from the organization, respectively. These steps keep track of customer data, and helps filter out unverified and unsafe riders.

Carpooling apps provide safety in India by many deatures
Ride and Match Filtering

This feature helps you control who they get matched or ride with. Options such as matching with the same gender, or with known users, or verified users help keep your rides safe, and make carpooling in India safer.

Emergency Alert

The feature of Emergency Alert is a game changer for making rides safe for carpooling in India. Whenever the user gets deviated from the original route for a reasonable distance, the emergency alert in the app gets triggered. It sends a notification to a list of emergency contacts that the user has to select. It gives live location updates for easy tracking.

Blocking and Reporting Users

If a rider did not feel comfortable to ride with another passenger, they have the option to block or report them. From there on, our team takes action to suspend them from any further ridesharing service. This allows to filter out anyone who could be a threat to our users.

Carpooling in India is safe, due to apps like AONE nextgen ridesharing

Safety tips for Users

Apart from all the features available on Carpooling and ridesharing apps in India, there are a few steps you could take to make your rides safe. Because, it does not cost much to be extra precautious.

Communicate to know your ride sharers

Good communication is the key to everything. And in this case, could help you establish a good relationship with those you share rides with. It could help you determine if the ride sharers are safe to travel with or not. So don’t hesitate from communicating with your ride sharers, because your safety is important.

Safety tip for carpooling, communicate effectively
Respect people and Avoid Conflict

It’s better not to indulge in any conflict with the people you share rides with, treat them politely and with respect. This could help you avoid getting in trouble for no reason. Plus, these riders could give you low ratings or block you, that could get your account suspended.

Notify your peers with ride details

It could be a friend, or a family member, or anyone else you know. Its better to give them the ride details such as when you start ridesharing, name of the other passengers, the vehicle’s registration number etc. This could help them reach out to you in emergencies.

safety tip for carpooling, inform peers and friends with ride details

Until now, there have not been any cases where the ride poolers were put into dangerous threats. Thanks to the precautions taken by carpooling and ridesharing application. Although, the rides could be safer if both, the carpooling apps and user put in their best efforts to keep carpooling safe in India.

Efforts by AONE to make your rides safer

AONE Carpool App is one of the best carpooling apps in India, and it is our responsibility to take every step that makes your rides safer, and keeps you from harm. We have provided safe rides to more than 30,000 users across all major cities, and you could help us keep moving ahead. If you have any suggestions regarding safety features, feel free to comment below, so we could take it further. And if you haven’t tried us out, why not give it a shot? AONE Carpool App is available on playstore, download it for free.

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Is Carpooling Illegal in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city often referred by the name of Silicon Plateau, known for its huge IT parks is home to most of the IT workers. This city keeps growing and new tech companies keep residing here every year. And with each company, brings a huge number of employees to Bangalore. Due to such high rates of immigration, the city has become too crowded and congested for anyone who lives or visits Bangalore. A report from BBC News states an average person spends 240 in traffic every year. The traffic speed in 2005 was 35km per hour, which increased to 9.2 km per hour by 2014. Which is why it became important to implement the concept of ridesharing so that the traffic in bangalore could be controlled. Although, carpooling and ridesharing apps have contributed in reducing the traffic on the roads, there are a few reasons why people hesitate to use carpooling apps, as they consider it illegal. That’s what we are about to discuss today, if carpooling and ridesharing illegal in Bangalore or not.

Carpooling in banglore is important to reduce traffic, apps like AONE are useful
Traffic in Banglore

Carpooling News that Confused Bangalore

In august 2018, a private car owner was charged for misusing Ridesharing apps to make profit. Due to this, the cops seized his car. This news spread like wildfire on the internet, like on rushlane, and newspapers. The reports stated that carpooling apps could get you arrested, and carpooling apps in banglore could face some constraints.

Banglore Police promotes carpooling in the city, Carpooling in Banglore is not illegal

There was another news regarding the ban of pooling rides in some of the cab service apps by the government of Karnataka. A report from Deccan Herald states that it was because these apps had to follow license rules. These apps could introduce carpooling only if the law backed it.
This confused the people of Bangalore because, as the Police had previously taken the initiative to promote carpooling and ridesharing to reduce traffic in Bangalore. So what caused the police to take such an action? This is what makes people think carpooling is illegal in Bangalore.

Carpooling is legal, Money making isn’t

This is exactly what the Bangalore Police has been trying to convey to you people. There is nothing wrong ridesharing, as long as you don’t break the rules. It is illegal if you do malpractice such as, using Carpooling Apps to make profit and extra money. The purpose of registration does not allow you to use a car, or bike for extra gain or profit. This makes people think carpooling is illegal.
Remember, the purpose of Carpooling and Ridesharing is to cut down on traffic and the money spent on daily travel and Commute. Not profit making. However, there are other benefits of carpooling as we discussed previously.

Carpooling is legal, making profits is not, carpooling in bangalore is not illegal
Carpooling is for saving money, not making profits

How AONE keeps you out of trouble

As you have heard from others, AONE Carpool App is growing in Bangalore, and the other cities in India. Our team has identified how some people could use our app for money making, and we have taken measures to prevent such malpractices from happening. We provide with equal bill splitting so no driver could make personal gains, hence all the users are out of any illegal practices. We provide you with the guarantee of not falling into illegal trouble if you follow the rules, terms and conditions.
If you have not used AONE Carpool App before, download it from Playstore now and enjoy your first ride free with us. And refer your friends and family for other offers, for daily commute and travel.

Carpooling, Carsharing, Ridesharing, Travel

Introducing AONE – Best Carpooling app in India

In the last few years, lots of employees are searching for cheaper ways for daily travel and commute. This is why they have started depending on Carpooling and Ridesharing apps, that helps them save money, find quick rides easily and meet new people daily.
Although, there are very few apps in India that provide good Carpooling and Ridesharing experience. This is where AONE Carpool App, the best carpooling app in India steps in. By providing rides to 30,000 plus users, the growth of AONE is booming. Our salient features make finding and sharing quick rides easier than ever before. And this is why AONE stands above other Carpooling apps in India.

AONE best carpooling app in India, Carpooling image
AONE best carpooling app in India

Carpooling in India So Far

Given how vibrant our country is, with different cultures, with dense population, it has major issues like population, traffic and pollution. The traffic and pollution is caused mostly in rush hours when people have to travel to work or home. This is why Indians started using carpooling and ridesharing apps in the first place. So they could help decrease traffic and congestion on roads. It also helps them save money on daily travel and Commute too.
However, this has not been successful until now because other carpooling and ridesharing apps were not able to meet the concerns of Indian Commuters and travellers. Safety and Security of passengers, especially women is one of the biggest concerns, as they have to travel with strangers. Many users faced issues while booking or searching rides due to tracking and communication issues. Plus, the splitting of fare is an issue too. These are the reasons why Indian users do not prefer using Carpooling and Ridesharing apps, however AONE has found solutions to these issues to help you find quick rides, and make your carpooling and ridesharing experiences better.

Traffic in INDIA, Carpooling and ridesharing on AONE
Traffic on Indian Roads

Why AONE is better

Our team has been observing the other carpooling and ridesharing apps in India. We are aware of what users expect from these apps, what satisfies them, and what does not, because we are are like you too. We face the same issues, the rest of the people face, and this is why we understand. And our mission is to help you overcome these problems, and make your daily commute easy and convenient.

Security and Safety Measures

AONE has come up with good security measures, as we verify all the users that sign up on our app. All users, especially women have the option to share rides with the same gender or known people.

Emergency Button

Users can use this button in case of emergencies while riding in order to alert us and call for help.

Live Tracking and Quickbooking

We consider it essential to help you find rides quickly, that other carpooling and ridesharing app in India don’t. This is why we have introduced the feature of Live Tracking, that helps you track ride sharers easily, without any hassle. Also, the New Feature called Quickbooking helps you save time in booking rides. And helps you get Quick Rides for daily commute and travel.

Live Location tracking on AONE for quick rides
Live Location tracking on AONE for quick rides

Easy Communication with Passengers

AONE provides with the option of Calling and Texting with the ride sharers on the App itself. This makes it easier to communicate with other passengers, helping you save time in booking and finding rides.

Chat and Call features on AONE Carpool App for quick rides, AONE best carpooling app in INDIA
Chat and Call features on AONE Carpool App

Best Customer Service

We provide with the best customer service on our app and website. You could call, or email us at anytime, and expect quick and efficient response from our team

AONE in India

We have acquired 30,000 plus users across all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. So far, our users have given us good support due to our excellent services and helped AONE become one of the best carpooling and ridesharing app in India. We aim to continue providing our best services to you, adding more features to make your carpooling and ridesharing experiences better, and satisfy you with our best efforts.

AONE best carpooling and Ridesharing App in INDIA
AONE best carpooling and Ridesharing App in INDIA

Other Key Features of AONE

  • Exciting referral offers and scratch cards.
  • Use a “Quick Book” functionality and book in a single go.
  • Book in advance. Reach to your pickup point and track the vehicle in real-time.
  • Consult the rider/ride-offerer with call or chat support.
  • Notify the rider through ‘ride notes’ option regarding the change of plan.
  • Can also get bike-pooling along with carpooling.
  • Avail ‘Perfect end to end travel’ or enroute travels.
  • Can choose different routes of travel on maps based on requirement.
  • Safety is our first priority. Press “Emergency Alert” button in-case you face an issue while travelling in a vehicle.
  • Call us anytime between 7AM – 9PM or chat with us from the Mobile app.

Download AONE now!

AONE Carpool app is now available on Playstore. So stop tiring yourself with hassling on roads for daily travel and commute, and join AONE the best carpooling and ridesharing app in India.

Carpooling, Carsharing, Ridesharing, Tech, Traffic, Travel

Carpooling in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams is a vibrant city. Known for its biryani and historic monuments, it lives in the hearts of the people who live here, and those who visit. You could get down on the roads of Hyderabad anytime and observe how fast paced the life of hyderabadis is. People rushing to their work, auto rickshaws and bikes zooming across the roads. The occasional murmur of people speaking in hyderabadi hindi, cars and bikes honking in traffic. All these things are the very heartbeat of this city.
From the surface, it feels like hyderabad is a blur of chaos, caused by the vehicles, and the traffic. Although, it’s a completely different story for those who experience it daily. The long lines of traffic get annoying when you have to spend hours to travel. And the pollution it causes is unbearable for many. The biggest reason for all this is the congestion on the roads because of office goers who travel to work.

Carpooling apps in Hyderabad AONE Carpool App nextgen Ridesharing

Everybody complains about the population and traffic often, but they forget that they are a part of it, and the solution for hyderabad’s traffic and pollution is in their hands. And the solution is simple, Carpooling and ridesharing.

Why Carpooling in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is a city that is growing daily. People are migrating from nearby towns and from other cities across India, searching for jobs. But what happens when all of them start from home, at similar times, and on the same roads? Traffic and congestion. This is where Carpooling and ridesharing steps in.

Traffic in India is increasing. Carpooling and Ridesharing is a good solution.

Suppose a hundred commuters start from home to travel in Hyderabad, say from Nizampet to HiTech city once, it means that there are around 100 cars and bikes on the same road at once. If these people communicated, and started traveling with one another, picture how many less vehicles have to be on that one road. If everyone was riding a bike, they have space for one extra passenger. By ride sharing, the number drops down to 50 bikes instead of hundred. In case of cars, it drops down to 25.
There are many commuters, traveling through many routes in Hyderabad, be it from banjara hills to begumpet, jubilee hills to koti, ameerpet to nizampet. These roads are jammed because everyone uses private vehicles, not carpooling and ridesharing apps. If hyderabadis began taking the initiative to share rides for commute with others who travel through similar routes, the congestion could be cut down by a huge number.

Using Carpooling  and ridesharing apps in Hyderabad

Cyberabad Traffic has decreased due to Carpooling and Ridesharing apps like AONE Carpool App

There has been a huge hike in the usage of carpooling and ridesharing apps in hyderabad for daily travel and commute. Thanks to the effort of government, to promote and fund carpooling and ridesharing apps that hyderabadis have many options for sharing rides, and get quick rides easily. There are new people joining on carpooling apps, and traveling by sharing rides instead of using private vehicles.

Carpooling and Ridesharing in Cyberabad

Places like Hi Tech City, Kondapur, Gachibowli face huge amount of traffic congestion. It happens in rush hours as commuters use private vehicles for commuting. The government of Hyderabad had tried a Car-Free campaign previously, where the IT workers in Cyberabad area were asked to commute by public transport. This did not yield effective results, as everybody did not prefer traveling through buses and autos. However, due to the use of Carpooling and Ridesharing apps in Cyberabad, there has been significant control in Traffic and Congestion recently.

Many people commute to Cyberabad by Carpooling and Ridesharing apps like AONE Carpool App

How pocket friendly is Carpooling?

There is no denying that carpooling and ridesharing in Hyderabad is super economical, and helps users save loads of money while traveling. It is beneficial for those who have to commute daily between work and home. The total expenditure, based on the distance traveled is equally split among all the car poolers or ride sharers. As nobody has to pay the whole amount by themselves, it helps users save money on daily commute.

Carpooling versus Public Transport

Hyderabad is a city where thousands of men and women travel and commute through public transport like buses, autos, etc. However, they do not provide with custom routes, that carpooling and ridesharing apps do. Plus, not everyone is a huge fan of travelling with huge crowds, standing in lines, haggling with auto drivers. Why work so hard to travel, when you could share a ride comfortably on carpooling apps, with less fare?
There are many people who are new to Hyderabad, and Auto drivers take advantage of this by charging them with extra money. Ridesharing apps, on the other hand do not biase between users, and charge everyone equally.

Public Transports are crowded and Expensive, hence Ridesharing is better

Why Hyderabad trusts AONE for carpooling

Be it tech parks like Mindspace, or DLF, or residential areas like KPHB. People from all these places are searching for a good carpooling and ridesharing app in Hyderabad. And they have found AONE Carpool App. Features like live location tracking, verified users and security have satisfied Hyderabadis. This is why they depend on AONE for daily travel and commute. Finding quick rides at affordable rates on AONE has satisfied many commuters. With 30,000 plus users, from 800 plus companies, AONE is growing and making travel and commute for office goers easy and economical. Our goal at AONE is to provide good carpool experience in Hyderabad and the rest of India, decrease traffic and pollution on the roads and make the world a better place. So what’s stopping you? Join our cause, download AONE Carpool App now!

Carpooling, Carsharing, Ridesharing

The Journey of Carpooling and Ridesharing

The concept of carpooling and ridesharing is booming in India, and many other countries, due to multiple benefits like, affordable rides for daily commute, easy communication between the ride sharers and carpoolers, good security etc. We have previously discussed about the benefits of carpooling. However, this is not a new idea. Ridesharing has a long journey, which many people don’t know about.

How Carpooling Originated

Ride sharing and Car pooling first began in San Francisco in 1914. This is when the US was experiencing recession and the working class was looking for affordable prices for daily travel. It took over nine months for this concept of commuting to grow rapidly, across the nation and in other countries.
Although, it was competing against streetcar operators under the government. They did not allow ride sharing to grow. This is why it remained lowkey.

Ride sharing started in 1914, in San Francisco, USA
Ride sharing started in 1914, in San Francisco, USA

Carpooling and Ridesharing in World War II

Due to huge demand of oil and petroleum, the government had to promote ride sharing to conserve these resources. Back then, it was given the name of Car Clubs. The government launched ad campaigns to encourage commuters to share rides for daily travel and commute. This helped in saving resources and influenced commuters and travellers to take measures to use oil effectively.

Ride sharing was promoted by government during world war 2
Ride sharing was promoted by government during world war 2

Rise of Ridesharing in 1970s

The government’s efforts to promote car clubs lasted only until the war, and this concept became less popular. Then again in 1974, due to Emergency Highway Energy Consumption Act, the government began promoting and funding ridesharing initiatives. This also helped in decreasing the levels of air pollution in urban cities. Ride sharing boomed during the 1970s but as petrol prices dropped down in the early 1980s, commuters began using their private vehicles for daily travel and commute.

Governments promoted carpooling and ridesharing in 1970s
Governments promoted carpooling and ridesharing in 1970s

Carpooling and Ridesharing in modern days

The price of petrol started increasing from the year 2005. This made it difficult for everyone to travel between work and home regularly. This encouraged people to share rides with co workers for daily commute, in order to save money.
The rise in population in urban cities and increase in air pollution became major issues in India and other countries. This caught the attention of governments all around the world, and they started promoting and funding ridesharing and carpooling apps.

Carpooling and ridesharing apps are being promoted to decrease traffic, congestion and pollution.
Traffic and Congestion on Roads

Impact of smartphones on ride sharing

In the modern days, everyone has started using smartphones, which has become a good platform to use car pooling and ridesharing in the form of apps. Carpooling and ride sharing apps are easier to use when compared to old ways of sharing rides.
Carpooling and Ridesharing apps are growing in India too, allowing users to get affordable rides for daily commute.We previously discussed about Carpooling in India.

Smartphones are used by everyone. Carpooling and Ridesharing apps are best way nowadays for affordable commute and travel in India
Carpooling apps are best way for affordable commute in India

We, at AONE Carpool App are providing users with the best carpooling experience in India, with 10,000 plus regular users. It is our target to provide good car pooling experience to all the people who commute daily. Join us now by signing up here, and download AONE Carpool App from playstore here.

Carpooling, Pollution, Traffic

Benefits of Carpooling in India

Carpooling or Ridesharing is a simple service in India. A group of people who have to travel through a common route share a ride with one another. Users with cars or bikes could offer to drive, and the other users share the ride with him/her. Then, the fare is split among all the poolers.
Given, how simple the whole process of carpooling and ridesharing is, it has numerous benefits.

Economical and Pocket Friendly

Suppose a person has to spend 100 rupees of petrol to travel to work daily, and starts traveling with three other people in the same car. Then his share of pay decreases to 25 rupees, as the remaining amount is paid by the other carpoolers. This is how carpooling and ridesharing helps people to save lots of money, especially those who travel daily.

Decreases Traffic and Congestion

Recent studies have shown an increase in the amount of traffic in major cities of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. They rank in the top 10 cities around the world with the highest congestion and slowest traffic movement. Most of this traffic occurs during rush hours when people have to travel between their workplace and home.

Carpooling and Ridesharing apps in India helps reduce traffic and congestion

If people started using carpooling and ridesharing in India regularly, the congestion on roads reduces by large amount. Because more number of users get to travel through less number of vehicles. Hence, ridesharing helps decongesting Indian cities.

Reduces Pollution and Global Warming

Pollution in Air has been a threat to people living in urban areas, and the smoke released from vehicles, daily, contributes in the increase of air pollution. The world health organization has released a report of cities with highest small particulate measurement around the world, and 11 out of the top 12 cities are from India. There are many who die due to impurities and pollution in the air.

Traffic has increased air pollution, AONE nextgen ridesharing and carpooling helps decrease traffic and pollution in India

Although the usage of carpooling and ridesharing in India could help tackle this problem, as it encourages users to share rides and reduce the number of vehicles on the road daily. As we discussed in our last article about how carpooling is the solution to pollution. The more people use carpooling apps in India, people use less vehicles. As fewer vehicles are used, traffic reduces. And as traffic reduces, pollution reduces too.

Easier Daily Commuting

Before the use of carpooling apps in India, daily commuters had to depend on public transport, and other inconvenient services. This made daily travelling for office goers difficult.
But by using carpooling and ridesharing apps, people can easily commute, without standing in lines, or waiting for buses and autos. Anyone could have the luxury of traveling in AC cars with ease.

Daily commute has become easier with carpooling and ridesharing apps like AONE.

Make new friends daily

Riding has become fun and exciting as people dont have to travel alone. By sharing rides with other people, users get oppurtunities to meet new people and make more friends, unlike the lonely and boring rides like before. Sharing has numerous benefits!

Carpooling and ridesharing apps like AONE help users meet new people and make new frends

How AONE is benefitial for ride sharing

The mission of AONE Carpool App is to help users get affordable rides daily and fight the traffic and pollution in the cities of India. AONE has more than 30,000 downloads and satisfied users. We are taking a step to fight against a major cause. Join us, Download AONE Carpool app on Play Store. It is one of the best ridesharing apps in India.

Carpooling, Carsharing, Tips

How Carpooling Works

Carpooling is a growing app based service among the working class and other people who travel or commute daily. There are many people who do not understand how carpooling works. Others who do, do not know how to use the features of ride sharing to their benefit.

What carpooling does

Many people have trouble traveling to work or home daily, because of heavy traffic, or high fares. Carpooling application works by helping in connecting a small group of people who travel through similar routes. This allows them to share the ride for daily commute, that makes daily travel easier and affordable.

AONE - Nextgen Ridesharing app allows users to carpooling for daily commute

How to use a Ridesharing app

A basic carpooling and ridesharing app first asks the user to enter the pickup location and drop location in the application. Using this data, it searches for people traveling through the similar routes for ride sharing. Here, the user or car owner can choose to drive too, but he has to enter the vehicle details.
Then, once people with similar routes are found, the application gives you their contact details. The user can now call or message them to finalize the ride.
Based on the distance traveled, the app splits the total fare among the number of people sharing the ride. Each person is supposed to pay his share to the person who was driving.

Chat or call ride sharers on AONE for carpooling and ridesharing

Key features of Ridesharing App

Every good carpooling and ride sharing app has some essential key features, such as –

Security and Safety

The apps verifies all it’s users through email, work details and contact info. This increases the safety and reliability on other riders.

Live Location Tracking

By using live location, users can track their rides. This makes picking up riders, and tracking rides convenient. Hence picking riders and tracking rides easily makes daily commute easier.

Less Space Consumption

Carpooling and ridesharing apps usually do not occupy too much space as they are light. This helps keep your mobiles fast and saves space for other important apps. They consume less data too.

AONE nextgen ridesharing is the best carpooling app in India

How AONE serves you better

We, at AONE Carpooling App are working to provide you with a good and reliable carpooling app in India, that has all the required features, including safety, live tracking etc. Providing good commuting and ride pooling experience to users is our top priority. We have 30,000+ users across major cities in India, with good user satisfaction. Download AONE Carpooling App now from play store and enjoy affordable rides daily.

Carpooling, Pollution

Carpooling: India’s solution to Traffic and Pollution

Traffic conditions in major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc. is getting worse day by day because of the increase in population. Recent studies have shown that Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata rank in top 10 cities around the world with the worst traffic conditions. Whereas, another traffic index shows that Mumbai and Delhi rank in the most congested cities around the world with a congestion level of 65% and 58% respectively. This causes a huge amount of pollution in Indian cities. Most of the congestion happens during the rush hours. This could be tackled by using carpooling and ridesharing in India. 

Traffic and Congestion is increasing in India, Carpooling is a good Solution.

Most of the traffic and congestion is due to use of private vehicles.This is the reason why carpooling and ridesharing could be beneficial in reducing the traffic in Indian cities. Carpooling is a service that allows a small group of people, traveling through a similar route to share a ride with one another. This helps in decreasing the indian traffic, as it allows more number of people to travel in less number of vehicles. It has many other benefits, as discussed here.

Growth of Carpooling in India so far

There has not been any significant growth in Carpooling and ridesharing apps in India. However, the problem lies in the mindset of Indian users, and not the Carpooling services or apps. Indians, especially women do not like to travel with strangers, for security reasons. Plus, people are comfortable with using their vehicles, as it gives them the comfort to travel with flexible timings.

AONE is the best carpooling app in India, available in Hyderabad, Pune.

However, carpooling and ridesharing apps are used regularly in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The cab services have introduced people to the idea of travelling with, and sharing a ride with strangers. It looks like Indians could take some time to get familiar with this concept. AONE carpool app is solving this problem by providing app for ridesharing in India and let people travel together so they can save on the daily commute expenses , has initiated to introduce ridesharing and carpooling in India.

Impact of carpooling on Traffic and Pollution

Like I mentioned above, India has serious issues regarding traffic, congestion, population and pollution. Carpooling apps are a feasible solution to Traffic. People who travel by private vehicles have to start using carpooling apps. For every four people who travel by a car in traffic, the number is reduced to one vehicle.

Major cities in India have taken numerous steps to promote carpooling. In 2015, the Traffic Police of Bangalore took the initiative to support six carpooling based startups. The police department of Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur are working to promote carpooling in Kolkata. Recent studies show a decrease in the rate of congestion on the streets of Mumbai due to carpooling and ridesharing. This has caused a significant decrease in pollution in major cities of India. Carpooling apps have successfully cut down the congestion on roads and the emission of pollutants in indian cities. It is a huge step to reduce global warming and saving the environment.

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