Carpooling in India

Last updated on Feb 28th, 2019

Daily commuting to office is a challenge in India given though we have bad public transportation, congested routes, and ever-growing cities and the population causing pollution and huge traffic jams. A shuttle can take a trunk route also known as a popular route so all the commuters commuting in the same shuttle can reach as quickly as possible. To ensure that it does not incur extra time, the routes are created without zigzag. Since all commuters' home or work offices doesn't have necessarily falls on these trunk routes so a shuttle based solution doesn't provide a first and last mile connectivity.

In the present scenario of hectic work environment people of India face a critical challenge of 'Travelling to office and return to home'. The difficulties have been raised due to the increased number of vehicles on the road which leads to traffic congestion. This increased the amount of exhaust gases and leads to more pollution which causes severe environmental issues and health problems, also depletion of natural resources. People often use public transport as means but it is not convenient and of course may not provide perfect end to end travel.

By considering all this in, we provide an easy and comfortable commute facility through carpooling which is car sharing or ride sharing so that each one need not use a different vehicle, this tends to reduce the traffic congestion,air pollution,usage of fuel, the stress of driving.

Carpooling offers comfort travelling to destination with low traveling cost as the cost is shared among the commuters, also it will make sure that full seating capacity of the car is utilised and reduces the need for parking places. Carpools are of regular and casual carpools, regular carpools are on daily or weekly repeated schedule for commuters who live nearby and travel to the same locality of work place. Casual carpools (carpools at specific date) for week-ends, exceptional trips, vacations etc, which are on a need basis.